Man arrested after throwing iguana at restaurant manager


Man arrested after throwing iguana at restaurant manager

He had been hiding the reptile under his sweatshirt.

(Painesville Police Department/PA)
(Painesville Police Department/PA)

A man was arrested after pulling an iguana from underneath his sweatshirt and throwing it at a restaurant manager.

Arnold J Teeter, 49, entered a branch of Perkins in Painesville in Canada and lay down in a booth, according to police.

News Release
April 17, 2019
Lt. Toby Burgett
Painesville Police Department
[email protected]

Posted by Painesville Police Department on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

He threw a menu at a waitress and then, when confronted by the restaurant manager, “pulled an iguana from under his sweatshirt and began swinging the animal over his head in a circular motion”.

He then threw the lizard at the manager, narrowly missing him and sending the reptile sliding across the floor.

Police were called and, after watching restaurant video footage of the incident, later caught up with Teeter nearby.

The iguana was taken in by a local humane society (Painesville Police Department)

The man attempted to dodge officers by running into traffic, police said, but when they finally arrested him they found a 2ft (61cm) iguana under his jumper.

He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and cruelty to animals, while the iguana was taken in by Lake County Humane Society.

The iguana was found to have a leg bone fracture which will need surgery to repair.


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